Staging Testemonials

If you need a stager, Nancy is the best! She is the go to stager for our office. Impeccable taste, she understands exactly what ends to be done to ensure a quick sale. Lovely to work with, our clients love her. She makes our job easy.

Donna-Prudential Rand

A leading professional, I know working with Nancy my clients will get a beautifully staged home. She is extremely detail oriented down. She enhances every home with her design artistry. Our photos, videos and open houses are done to perfection! Thanks Nancy
Russ-Wright Brothers Realty

Thank you Nancy! Another beautifully staged home by you that sold within a month! You are the ebst

Nancy-Sotheby’s International

Nancy is warm, caring and my homeowners love her. It is photos and videos that now get buyers interested in a home. Nancy is an expert designer and stylist. After Nancy’s staging, my homes look like they should be in Traditional Home or Elle Decor! PS, Nancy’s stagings usually sell within the first 5 weeks!

Kevin-William Raveis